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The ancient ancestors of the Chinese were drinking white tea long before it was proclaimed a “superfood.” The legend tells that one fateful day emperor Shen Nung had stopped his caravan near a river to boil water, in order to make it safe for drinking. While the water was cooling, a white tea leaf blew into his bowl and he consumed the beverage without knowing. He loved it so much that he drank it every day until he died. Emperor Shen Nung wasn’t even aware of how powerful the antioxidants in his tea were, however today they may hold the key to cancer prevention, weight loss, and skin health; just to name a few. Almost all of white tea’s health benefits can be linked to its high levels of antioxidants.



According to a study done by Oregon State University white tea contains high amounts of the antioxidant, catechin, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.  


White tea is being used more commonly as a weight loss aid after being publicly endorsed by the Dr. OZ show!


White tea may also have significant benefits for your heart. A recent study found that the high levels of catechins in white tea might work in regulation of cholesterol levels.    


A recent study by scientists at the University Hospitals of Cleveland found that the antioxidants in white tea are effective at boosting the immune function of skin cells and protecting them from t


Research published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that those who drank a cup of white tea had higher bone density than non-tea drinkers.  


During a recent study at Pace University, research showed that white tea extract is effective in destroying, in-vitro, the organisms that cause disease. 

About Inko's White teas

The founders of Inko’s Tea had a passion to bring a “better” tea to the marketplace. It was 2002 and bottled iced tea had become pretty popular. The problem was that most teas were too sweet, loaded with sugar or “diet” with that super artificial taste.

Our founders were tea lovers, brewing and icing white tea because of its smooth, subtle taste. But after some investigation, they found that white tea was more than a wonderful tasting tea... it had many benefits to it, some of which are listed on this site.

White tea is not your common, run-of-the-mill tea. It is, in fact, very rare, harvested only in spring and grown in a few remote places. This hand-picked tea is delicate and it’s less processed than other teas. We think it’s quite special and that’s why organic white tea from the Fujian Province is all we use in Inko’s.

We strive to be the best tea we can be and we are proud that Inko’s is now certified organic and contains no GMOs. As a small, independent tea company, we take great care to make sure that you are getting a phenomenal product without the things you don’t need – lots of sugar and calories and lots of artificial or mysterious ingredients.

We’re proud to be THE organic white tea and will stay committed to helping you become a true tea lover. Inko’s Organic White Tea – Just a Little Better For You.

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