Inko's Organic White Tea

Inko's is the premier brewer of white tea. While other companies may tout one product, at Inko's all we know is white tea. Just a Little Better For You.TM

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White Tea Benefits

Weight Loss


White tea is being used
more commonly as a
weight loss aid after
being publicly endorsed
by the Dr. OZ show!


During a recent study at
Pace University, research
showed that white tea extract
is effective in destroying
in-vitro, the organisms
that cause disease.

Helps Prevent Cancer

According to a study done
by Oregon State University,
white tea contains high
amounts of the antioxidant,
catechin, which inhibits
the growth of cancer cells.  

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The History of Inko's

Inko's Origins

Inko's vs. others

Lower in Sugar

Check your tea labels. Inko's contains 12 grams (or 0 grams for our unsweetened variants). Most "healthy" tea brands have more. Ask yourself, why?


Some organic teas contain 70, 80 or even 100 calories in a bottle.  A 16 oz. Inko’s bottle contains 50 calories….just enough to make it taste perfect! (Our unsweetened variants contain 0 calories.)


Is it worth paying more for a fancy bottle or an organic white tea?  We think the latter, where we put exceptional care into the ingredients we select.  


We love tea – green, black and red!  But we hang our hats on white tea -- the rarest, least processed tea, high in antioxidants and even better tasting.  


Hey listen, nothing wrong with raspberry, chai or everyday lemon.  We like ‘em too.  But we also think your palate wants something interesting, like apricot, honeysuckle, honeydew and our brand new strawberry!  

Independent Company Image Inko's

Maybe it matters; maybe it doesn’t.  Inko’s is a small, independent company – all we do is make tea:  not soda or flavored water or juice drinks.